Taking a shower was once a simple part of the morning routine, and it wasn’t given much thought. A quick glance down the body care aisle, however, and it’s easy to see that showering has transitioned from a “to-do” to an “experience.”  Shampoos promise to invigorate or soothe. Body washes now provide aromatherapy.  There are lots of products aiming to make your shower time feel like a trip to the spa.

Homeowners too are looking to turn their bathrooms, particularly their showers, into a luxurious, personal retreat.  Trends are shifting away from the built-in tub and shower combination. Homeowners are instead looking for larger, luxurious showering stalls.

Consider these ideas for upping the style and ambiance of your shower:
•    Open or no threshold showers – By eliminating the step into the shower, and sometimes even the door as well, the entire bathroom suddenly takes on a streamlined, current look. This also reduces the potential tripping hazard, and a curbless shower is an excellent choice for those wanting to age in their current home.
•    Upgraded shower head-  The wide variety of shower heads now available allow homeowners to create a personalized showering experience.  A popular choice is a large rain shower head, which simulates standing beneath a steady rainfall.  Others opt for adjustable body sprays, multiple shower heads, or a handheld one for complete relaxation.
•    Built in conveniences-  A built in bench allows you to completely relax and enjoy your new shower. In-shower seating is also a great aging in place feature.  Built in nooks and ledges provide storage for products while keeping the shower looking uncluttered.
•    Beautiful tile-  Boring fiberglass shower and tub surrounds are being replaced with tile.  The standard surround limits the size and shape of the shower. Tile allows complete customization, not only with the size of the shower stall, but with the design as well.  The color, pattern, material, and pattern options available with tile allow for a truly unique shower.  Continuing the tile onto the ceiling creates an extra elegant look.
Busy schedules allow little time for relaxation.

A beautifully renovated shower and bathroom provide a daily escape from your hectic routine.  Contact the team at HearthWood to start planning your dream bathroom today!