Remodeling for Now and the Future – Aging in Place

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Aging in place is commonly used term in the remodeling industry. How long you plan to remain in your home is a consideration you may want to add to your list when discussing options with your remodeling design team. Building different functionality into your space now, could be something you grow to really appreciate

Make Aging In Your Home a Reality

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When most people think about home design they consider style and functionality, but rarely think about where they will be in ten or twenty years. Yet, most people plan to stay in their homes for the majority of their lives. Talking about aging in your home can feel premature, especially if you’re still raising

Using Color in the Kitchen

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White kitchens are timeless. Homeowners appreciate their bright, clean feeling. Even the smallest kitchen can appear more spacious with white finishes. They work well in every style of home. We love a white kitchen. But we also love it when our clients want their personality to shine in their kitchen. We encourage clients

Summer = Renovate

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Life just seems simpler in the summer, doesn’t it? Windshields don’t require scraping and sidewalks don’t need shoveling. Slipping on a pair of flip-flops seems quick and easy after months of coats and boots. There are no homework slips to sign or school buses to catch. We become reacquainted with neighbors and life slows

Barn-Style Doors Are Here to Stay

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Sliding barn doors are hugely popular right now and it’s easy to see why. This is one design trend that works in just about any style of home. Barn doors blend seamlessly into a rustic style home, add character to a traditional home, and bring warmth to modern design. Homeowners and designers value how

Updating the Heart of Your Home

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Planning a remodeling project for the main level of your home is an exciting process. This is the area of your home where you host guests, prepare dinners, and probably do the majority of your living. Remodeling this highly visible area of your house may seem overwhelming. From color palettes to room layouts and

Ergonomics Isn’t Just for the Office Anymore

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2016 is the year of convenient and functional kitchen accessories. From new ideas in ergonomic cabinet design to microwave drawers, this is an excellent time to remodel your kitchen space. Ergonomics has been associated with the office workplace for many years.  Desks and chairs that make working and sitting over long periods of time

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