Planning a remodeling project for the main level of your home is an exciting process. This is the area of your home where you host guests, prepare dinners, and probably do the majority of your living. Remodeling this highly visible area of your house may seem overwhelming. From color palettes to room layouts and flow, the choices seem endless. Here are some design decisions you might face as you plan a main level remodel.

If a kitchen renovation is on your remodeling list, you may be struggling with the choice of an open plan or closed kitchen. An open plan or open concept kitchen flows into the adjacent living spaces. Fans of open concept living like the ability to cook or clean while interacting with friends and family. Those that prefer the more traditional closed kitchen like the clearly defined space and the option of hiding the cooking mess away while entertaining guests. The open plan kitchen style is popular right now, but might not be for everyone. While planning your kitchen remodel, thoughtfully consider your lifestyle and choose the floor plan that best suits you.

Another remodeling option you might be considering is the addition of a main floor master suite. If you are planning on aging in your home, creating a master bedroom on the main level makes perfect sense.  Some homeowners also enjoy the privacy of having the master separated from the other bedrooms. Other homeowners want the bedrooms to be all on one level, particularly parents of small children. We suggest that you discuss both your current needs and future goals as you make remodeling decisions.

Be sure to include in your remodeling discussion any additions that could enhance your quality of life. A laundry room or a mud room on the main level are two areas that make life easier for both busy families and aging adults.

Don’t let all of these remodeling decisions overwhelm you! Our staff utilizes a four-step design/ remodel process to help you understand your options and visualize the completed space. The updated, renovated main level of your dreams is possible. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and let’s get started!