Aging in place is commonly used term in the remodeling industry. How long you plan to remain in your home is a consideration you may want to add to your list when discussing options with your remodeling design team. Building different functionality into your space now, could be something you grow to really appreciate in the future.
Our design team is proficient in helping homeowners remodel in way that builds function into their home for use now and as you age. A kitchen remodeling project is a great example to show how making a few modifications in your plan now can really make a difference later. Some simple adjustments for aging in place include;
– Create an open space beneath some of your countertops where you could fit a wheelchair or a bench. Adding this feature to your kitchen now can save thousands in remodeling costs in the future. If you don’t want to see the open space, add doors to match the rest of your cabinetry to maximize storage.
– Incorporate countertops at different heights to accommodate comfort at every level so you have the option to either sit or stand during food preparation.
– Bending and lifting is more difficult with age. There are many choices in cabinetry specifically made to make seldom used appliances, like mixers, more easily accessed.
Incorporating options for aging in place into your remodeling plan makes good sense. Call the HearthWood team today to start designing a home renovation that will bring joy and functionality to your home now and in the future.