Life just seems simpler in the summer, doesn’t it? Windshields don’t require scraping and sidewalks don’t need shoveling. Slipping on a pair of flip-flops seems quick and easy after months of coats and boots. There are no homework slips to sign or school buses to catch. We become reacquainted with neighbors and life slows down a bit.

Certain home remodeling projects are more manageable in the summer as well, renovating the kitchen being one of them. Many people live with a kitchen that doesn’t meet their needs, simply because the idea of a large scale project is overwhelming. We’ll be honest; a kitchen remodel is an inconvenience. Life happens in the kitchen and a remodel means giving up this core space for a period of time. However, there are steps that can be taken to make a renovation as stress-free as possible. Tackling your kitchen project in the summer is one of those steps.

Summertime renovations are more efficient. Longer daylight allows us to finish projects quicker. The ground is drier, providing better working conditions. Paints and sealants dry faster in warmer temperatures.  Windows can be opened to air out fumes without having to worry about letting cold air in. Opening up exterior walls is just plain better for everyone when it is not cold and snowy!
Summer also makes it possible to escape the renovation dust and noise. Families can hang out in the backyard as the work goes on inside. Grilling and eating outdoors while your kitchen is off-limits is an easy solution. Since we oversee your entire project, we can even work while you are away. Imagine returning home from vacation to a beautifully updated kitchen!

At HearthWood Kitchens, we love to turn houses into dream homes and will partner with you all year round.  However, we want your kitchen remodel to be the best experience possible, and that might mean tackling it during the summer months. We believe a new kitchen should improve your life, not put your life on hold. Summer flies by, so contact us today and let’s make your kitchen renovation happen.