Sometimes something that’s truly old can be exciting and new. For example, here’s something you don’t see every….eon!

Embedded in this beautiful granite slab are the fossil remains of sea creatures known as orthoceras and ammonites, dating from the Devonian Period. Occasionally there will be fossils in granite but these are particularly interesting in their shape and size. The granite, once polished, becomes more than an attractive counter or backsplash–it becomes a conversation piece as well. It certainly rates a closer look, especially when used as a bar countertop or bathroom vanity top. Used in those ways, it causes your guests to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature.

One design idea would be to include the granite in a youngster’s bathroom. The embedded fossils could be part of a dinosaur theme if you have a child who is nuts about dinosaurs. However, there’s the advantage that the granite could easily become part of a more mature decorating theme in the future. After all, something 360 million years old is……….timeless!