Many times, the word ergonomic is associated with office furniture such as desks and chairs. However, did you know your kitchen can also be a place where ergonomics can play a significant role in your comfort and ease-of-use?
Simply put, ergonomics is about making your space and working environment more efficient. The kitchen is a perfect place for this to apply. Some of the design features and materials you may want to consider in a new, more ergonomic kitchen include things like:

  • Dish Drawers
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile vs Ceramic Tile
  • Pop-up Shelves
  • Super Susan vs Lazy Susan
  • Wall Ovens

Dish Drawers are very popular and a simple addition to new kitchen cabinets. For most people, lifting heavy dishes from a drawer and up is a much better option than lifting them down from a shelf. A dish drawer is also a more efficient option when it comes to putting dishes away.

Luxury Vinyl Tile has come a long way from what you may think of when you hear vinyl flooring. This product comes in a multitude of colors, is durable, and looks as close as you can come to ceramic tiles as any product has in the past. Since they are tiles, you typically even grout the lines making the look very authentic. The ergonomic benefit of using an LVT vs ceramic tile is how much easier vinyl is on your feet, legs, and joints. If you’ve ever prepared a large holiday meal standing on ceramic tile for hours on end, you know exactly what we are referring to with the fatigue ceramic tile can cause.

Pop-up Shelves. Much like a dish drawer, a pop-up shelf makes storing and unloading seldom used appliances like mixers much more ergonomic. A pop-up shelf can literally place the appliance you want at your fingertips vs needing to bend or reach to move it to where you want to use it.

Super Susans vs Lazy Susans. A Super Susan eliminates the center post you find in a Lazy Susan, giving you more space for storage and convenience.

Wall Ovens. Placing this appliance at a height that does not require you to bend down to look inside, or to take out cooked food, is based on sound ergonomic principles. Keeping the items that are used most often, including the oven, within easy reach makes for a more efficient workspace.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, we’d love to help. Our experience design team not only know what will look great in your space, but they also know how to make your new kitchen a comfortable and efficient place to gather and work. Call us today for your in-showroom consultation.