It’s pretty amazing how much computer-assisted drawing has improved in the past several years!  The drawing on the left (below) was done by Becca, our talented designer, and it gives a pretty accurate rendering of how the new kitchen would look (shown in the photo below on the right).  For most of our clients who have a difficult time picturing their new space, this design program (called 2020) is an invaluable tool.  We can visually “walk through” the newly designed kitchen and make decisions on features that the clients love, or changes they would like to see.  Cabinet colors, wall colors, flooring and countertop selections, even backsplash tile options, can all be changed to show different options.  This program really helps the design process move forward much more smoothly.  Being able to actually see the possibilities for their new kitchen can help our clients make product and material selections much more easily.  After spending many hours designing a kitchen in the 2020 design program, it’s almost like “deja vu” for us to actually walk around in the newly remodeled kitchen —- because it really feels like we’ve been in the space before!  Watch for more of these “realistic renderings” in future blog posts here.